B. & M Ansell, Truganina

“After doing due dillegence with numerous building companies we selected a package with Dean Holder, for what we considered best value for dollar investment to build our home. During pre-emptive build planning discussions he was extremely amiable to our requirements within the build package deal. In fact suggestions made by him were to our satisfaction and benefit. The Builder was extremely well organised and the entire build process went precisely as planned. Communications were of the highest order also for, the entire build process.
There were delays but everybody has these. The main delays were weather, high shortage of skilled experienced tradesmen. I would also like to add that in my observation the quality of workmanship and, materials involved with our build was, well above average. On site supervision was also above average in that any small defects were corrected instantly so that at pre- final inspection prior to hand over work need for correction was minimal. Our house was built within the stipulated time frame and right on budget with no hidden “extras/costs“. My background has been with civil construction engineering and I really must compliment everyone involved on their modus operandi. We are so glad we chose them and can strongly recommend this company to future home builders.”